February 24


Meeting 2/10/24


February monthly meeting was held at the Pizza Hut in Eureka Springs, AR.  Members in attendance were as follows:

Rudy Behrens                                        C.W. Warren

Reta Behrens                                         Peggy Warren

Susan Wall                                            Pat Dean

Walt Phelps                                           Mary Ellen Phelps

Terry Dean                                             Sean Michael

Cameron Dunaway


The meeting was called to order at noon by Rudy Behrens, President. 

Sean thanked Rudy for the work he did concerning the sale of the property. 

The meeting was a little out of order due to everyone being excited and wanting to ask questions concerning the sale of our property. 

The plat of the easement was presented with explanation of the easement and the leased area.

The buyer wants to share the driveway.  We had these stipulations to add to what he wanted.  We would exit the road onto our existing driveway and branch off it to where he will be building his home.  Buyer would rock the driveway at his expense.  There will be joint maintenance of the driveway. 

The buyer will pay all taxes.

We will cut our “fall” area to about 10 feet for the tower.

The perc test did pass.

Closing was put off until 2/16/24.

The semi-final survey was presented.  After review of the survey, the club members voiced that they thought it was sufficient.  Walt Phelps made a motion that we accept the survey as presented and make it our final one.  Terry Dean seconded that motion and it passed with a show of hands.

Buyer indicated we would have access to his well.  Asked if there were any questions or concerns about that and there were none.  This was presented as a curtesy to our members, there are no plans to use his well.

There were questions by members to be discussed at the next meeting.

1. Will we be paying income taxes?

2. What is the approximate cost of the attorney?

3. What is to be done with the money from the sale?  To be placed into our account with Arvest Bank until  further discussion.

The previous months’ minutes were read by Rudy Behrens.  Terry Dean made a motion they be accepted & Walt Phelps seconded.  Passed with a show of hands.

New Business

Mike McKelvy (sp?) from OEM & Oak Grove Fire Dept is requesting that a class be held for the tech license and the Club oversee that class.  Walt will contact Mike and get some idea of what they are actually interested in.


Reta Behrens is to try to get a mock up done for a business card to help advertise the Club’s existence.

Motion was made to adjourn by Reta Behrens and seconded by Pat Dean.  Meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted:


Reta D Behrens