March 24


Meeting 3/09/24 


March monthly meeting was held at the Pizza Hut in Eureka Springs,

AR.  Members in attendance were as follows: 

Rudy Behrens C.W. Warren 

Reta Behrens Peggy Warren 

Susan Wall Pat Dean 

Walt Phelps Mary Ellen Phelps 

Terry Dean Sean Michael 

Jim McCartney Cameron Dunaway 

Scott Hawes 



The meeting was called to order at 12:03 pm by Rudy Behrens,


Old Business 

Asked if minutes had been reviewed by member.  They are posted on

website:, please go there to review the minutes of the

last meeting of 2/10/24.  Minutes were reviewed and accepted as

reviewed on website by members.    

Sale of property closed on 2/16/24.  Following stipulations agreed to in

the closing documents.  We would exit the road onto our existing

driveway and branch off it to where he will be building his home. 

Buyer will do the initial rock of the driveway at his expense.  There will

be joint maintenance of the driveway.   

The buyer will pay all taxes at closing.  

We will need to obtain a 911 address and we will be paying for the fire

department protection The Cluon our leased portion, but will not be

paying income taxes on this sale as the nonprofit status has been

reinstated, we are exempt.  This status is to be reviewed on a yearly


What is to be done with the money from the sale?  Two CDs were

purchased in name of the Club at Arvest Bank for total amount of

20,000.00.  This motion was made by Scott and seconded by Walt.  That

business was conducted by the Officer’s of the Club the following


The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved by the Club 

Net Deposit 24,185.54 

Eelectric                     <    29.66> 

Lease 2023 – 2024   <      1.00> 

Interest                       +        .34 

Balance                        25,219.22           

Mike McKelvey (sp?) from OEM & Oak Grove Fire Dept is requesting

that a class be held for the tech license and the Club oversee that class. 

Walt will contact Mike and get some idea of what they are actually

interested in. 

Reta didn’t get a mock up done for a business card for Club but wilhave

it completed to review in April. Walt stated that he priced the

replacement of one of the repeaters at $2000.00 , perhaps replace only

one? Sale 440/2 meter go with in reserve until main is repaired 

Motion was made and approved to retain the same people on group to

investigate concerns for different types of progression for the club. 

These individuals are Rudy, Alt, Terry, Scott and Cameron. These folks

will contact OEM about presentation of classes and will make the plans

with the OEM representatives. 

Susan requested club members info: 

Name, phone and address and call sign.  

Motion was made to adjourn by Jim McCartney and seconded by Rudy

Behrens.  Meeting adjourned at 1:10  p.m. 


Respectfully Submitted: 


Reta D Behrens